Glass Box

Chef Ethan

Chef Ethan’s passion resides in the idea of creating a memorable dining experience. Guests will find themselves being welcomed into The Glass Box as Chef Ethan prides himself on taking his customers through an infused Asian dining journey, from their first bite through dessert.

“We wanted to create a transparent dining experience because we think authenticity and integrity is important particularly when it comes to the type of food we are serving. The beauty of taste and art are synonymous, and we want to make sure our customers experience both. “

Ethan Signature

The Glass Box Experience

Fine Dining experience

Glass Box is an intimate dining experience that is held within a glass-encased setting. Here you will find yourself in the nucleus of Glass Box, which represents respect for the art of sushi.



Having a strong connection to our cultural values, we are driven to provide our customers, employees, and food with respect and honesty.


Glass Box understands that honesty is crucial to a vibrant and healthy environment, keeping us healthy mentally and spiritually.


We identify with continuously evolving within our space, ensuring we lead from the edges by listening to our intuition, customers, and associates.


The beauty of taste and art are synonymous; we believe art is everywhere down to the experience we offer.


 The power of adapting while being able to pivot is fundamental to our ethos, as we understand that palates and seasons change.


We understand the importance of character as it offers comfort for our associates and customers. Consistency allows us to manage the expectations of Glass Box and the Glass Box experience.

Our Chefs

Guests will have a chance to meet Glass Box Sushi Chefs and will be served Yakatori, sushi, and other Asian coastal-inspired small bites. Omakase is also available, allowing guests to leave themselves in Chef Ethan’s hands, enjoying a customized meal that is seasonal, artistic, and is made up of the freshest ingredients available.